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Un jueves más, nueva actualización en Dota 2 y un nuevo héroe. El asesino invisible por excelencia de DotA hace su aparición (o tal vez siempre estuvo ahí :P) en Dota 2.

Tiemblen que esta vez le llegó al turno a Rikimaru o simplemente Riki como lo llamaron en VALVe, así que no tardes en llenar tu inventario de Sentrys Wards si no quieres ser apuñalado por la espalda por esta sátira criatura.

Algunas screenshots:

Rikimaru en la pantalla de picks

Rikimaru apuñalando por detrás a un indefenso creep

Rikimaru usando Smoke Screen

Video in-game de Rikimaru y sus habilidades:


Por su puesto la actualización de ayer no sólo incluye a Rikimaru; como todas las semanas, se realizaron algunos cambios visuales, mejoras en la interfaz, se introdujeron más secuencias de voz a los héroes, mejoraron a los bots (AI) y les otorgaron algunas acciones nuevas como que los bots supports ahora compren courier, entre otros cambios

Uno de los cambios visuales más resaltantes es el nuevo ultimate de Void:

Último changelog de Dota 2 (13 de octubre):

[spoiler title=”Click para mostrar changelog”]Gameplay

  • Enabled Riki.
  • Issuing an Attack-move while invisible will now cause your hero to break invisibility to attack, if you encounter an enemy.
  • Fixed Force Staff (and other forced movements like Pudge’s Meat Hook) not triggering rupture damage.
  • Fixed Weaver’s Geminate Attack – it will no longer break his invisibility.
  • Nevermore’s Requiem of Souls will now properly break him out of invisibility 1 second after the cast has begun.
  • Fixed Purge’s (Diffusal and Satyr) slow mechanism not working correctly.
  • Fixed Kunkka’s Torrent being slower than designed.
  • Fixed the lifetime of Beastmaster’s summoned beasts.
  • Fixed a movement calculation bug with Yasha / Sange & Yasha and other movement bonuses.
  • Fixed Kunkka’s Torrent and Ghost Ship affecting Ancients/Roshan.
  • Fixed Dagon cooldown resetting after it’s upgraded.
  • Pudge’s Dismember channel will now correctly break if dispelled by Tidehunter’s Kraken Shell.
  • Fixed Smoke of Deceit thinking a tower was alive for a bit after it was destroyed.
  • Fixed Dark Seer’s Wall of Replica not providing vision.
  • Fixed Bloodseeker’s Bloodbath interaction against siege weapons.
  • Bloodseeker’s Bloodbath now heals him for the correct amount on hero kills.
  • Fixed Bloodseeker’s Thirst being removed instantly when no heroes are found, rather than waiting 3 seconds.
  • Faceless Void’s Chronosphere now properly affects siege weapons.
  • Fixed Force Staff affecting Roshan.
  • Fixed Axe’s Battle Hunger against Roshan.
  • Fixed Axe’s Berserker’s Call against Roshan.
  • Fixed Enchantress’ Impetus working while silenced.
  • Fixed vision on Mirana’s Arrow (traveling and endpoint).
  • Fixed Storm Spirit’s Electric Vortex affecting Roshan.
  • Fixed Storm Spirit’s Static Remnant cast point.
  • Removed the hero XP bonus when picking after the game has started.
  • Fixed Nature’s Prophet’s Sprout’s interaction with Linken Sphere.
  • Fixed Nature’s Prophet’s Sprout’s position when targeting a moving unit.
  • Clockwerk’s Power Cogs will no longer knock back units that are being moved by abilities (like Pudge’s Meat Hook) or items (like Force Staff).
  • Units being knocked back by Clockwerk’s Power Cogs will now have their channels interrupted and can no longer use abilities while being knocked back (such as Leap).
  • Fixed Battlefury’s cleave on denies.
  • Fixed suicides ending kill streaks.
  • Fixed Diffusal Blade not using up charges if the target has Linken’s Sphere.
  • Fixed a bug where if you began moving from idle to auto-attack an enemy, then became invisible on the way to the enemy, you would continue to the enemy and attack it, breaking your invisibility.
  • Fixed “Out of Temp Viewers” crash.


  • The Keypad’s enter key now properly works when invoking chat and team chat.
  • Courier, Necronomicon units and Beastmaster’s summons no longer get their control groups lost when they are upgraded.
  • Fixed a case where items would not combine when picked up if one or more components was in the stash.
  • Improved Rich Presence:
    • Friends list now shows hero and level for people currently in a match.
    • Friends list shows if a friend is currently spectating a match.
    • Added “Watch game” to the right click menu for friends currently playing a game.
  • The camera will no longer get stuck at the edges of the map when centering the camera on your hero.
  • Added hotkey settings for Courier and Glyph.
  • Added hotkey settings for purchasing the first item in your quickbuy.
  • Added hotkey settings for purchasing the item in your sticky section (unbound by default).
  • Added a game speed slider to the replay viewer, including speeds slower than default.
  • Increased spectator delay to two minutes.
  • Watch Games list improvements:
    • Now shows you when spectating will start (live games are delayed by two minutes to prevent cheating).
    • Now shows the current match time.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the respawn timer for a hero from updating if the controlling player disconnected.
  • Fixed voice ban button not hiding correctly for the local player.
  • Improved legibility of item cooldown time, item stack count and gold value on the inventory.
  • Fixed the Spectator’s Stats panels.
  • Fixed not being able to set an item in the quick buy if the inventory and stash contained an uncombined version of that item.
  • Fixed not being able to one-click buy an item from the store if the inventory and stash contained an uncombined version of that item.
  • Fixed Viper’s Viper Strike buff tooltip not showing correct values.
  • Fixed Spectators not being able to drag the camera via middle mouse.
  • Hero color icons are now shown on the scoreboard


  • Tinker got over his shy phase and now speaks.
  • Added more voice content to several heroes.
  • Added Radiant Defeat music piece.
  • Fixed a bug that caused heroes to play their Pain lines when they were hurting themselves (as in Bloodseeker’s Bloodrage).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented victory music from playing for spectators.
  • Game Started Horn now plays 10 seconds before the game starts.
  • Announcer says Battle Begins 2 seconds before the game starts.
  • Heroes say their game start line 1.5 seconds after the game starts.
  • Fixed hearing heroes get hurt while fighting under the fog of war.
  • Added a music cue when a hero buys back into the game.
  • Added a music cue when Roshan dies.
  • Fixed the item sold sound playing multiple times.


  • Add new effect for Faceless Void’s Chronosphere.
  • Faceless Void’s Time Walk and Backtrack effects now properly draw his time shifted form.
  • Batrider now plays an animation when he starts Fireflying.
  • Fixed Nature Prophet’s Teleport effect not drawing properly in some cases.
  • Fixed Clockwerk’s Power Cogs and Rocket Flare not drawing properly in some cases.
  • Fixed some cases where linear projectiles weren’t visibile.


  • Fixed bots being jerks and denying teammates’ minions.
  • Bots will now always announce when returning to their lane during the laning phase.
  • Bots will now always announce when they’re moving to gank an enemy.
  • If a bot detects that it’s stuck, it will try to attempt to blink out or TP home.
  • Fixed a case where bots could get stuck at a side/secret shop trying to buy something they incorrectly thought they didn’t have room for.
  • Fixed a bug where bots weren’t using their Black King Bar to avoid an incoming stun.
  • Bots are now less likely to tunnelvision on a tower push when there are enemies attacking them.
  • Bots will now deny towers that are low, if it’s safe enough to do so.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Tiny bot from target switching when he was trying to get into range for an Avalanche+Toss combo.
  • Juggernaut bot should no longer use Healing Ward while in the fountain.
  • Juggernaut bot now considers casting Healing Ward when pushing or defending a lane.
  • Juggernaut bot now commands his Healing Ward to follow him around.
  • Fixed bots not responding correctly to Axe’s Berserker’s Call.
  • Lina bot will now lead targets with Dragon Slave slightly.
  • Lina bot will now defer to Light Strike Array more when considering casting Dragon Slave (results in her using the LSA+DS combo more).
  • Bots will no longer try to pick up items if they don’t have a slot and don’t have an item they’re willing to drop.
  • Bots will now drop the cheapest item they’re willing to part with when they want to pick up an item that they don’t have room for.
  • Fixed bots getting stuck trying to destroy an enemy’s item.
  • Support-hero bots (or gank-hero bots if there are no support heroes on a team) will now purchase a courier for the team, and will upgrade it to flying courier.
  • When establishing lane assignments at the beginning of the game:
    • Bots ignore players inside the base when trying to determine which lane the player is going to.
    • Bots now pay attention to the last lane the player was in, so doing something like camping the initial rune spawn no longer forfeits your lane assignment
  • Made bots a bit more likely to retreat when being ganked before they reach the point of being almost dead.[/spoiler]

No olviden que este domingo a la medianoche termina el plazo para enviar sus mails del Evento #2 de Betakeys; y para los que todavía no se enteraron, el Evento #3 ahora premiará a 3 ganadores en lugar de sólo a 2 como se había planteado al principio. Mayor información en el post del evento.