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Tal y como ya se venía anunciando desde la semana pasada, N’aix the Lifestealer, por fin ha sido implementado a Dota 2.

Uno de los héroes más representativos en la historia de DotA y que ha estado presente en el juego desde sus inicios hace ya más de 6 años por fin ha sido llevado a  su juego sucesor, Dota 2, y por supuesto ya no tiene la forma de un creep Scourge, VALVe ha sabido darle un toque más “zombie” quizá inspirándose un poco en su popular juego Left 4 Dead.

Screenshots de N’aix (¡¡SANGREEE!!)

N’aix utilizando Rage

N’aix utilizando Open Wounds en un creep

N’aix saliendo de un creep infestado

Video de N’aix mostrando sus habilidades (DotaCinema)

Nuevo modelo de Witch Doctor

La semana pasada pudimos ver el nuevo ícono de Witch Doctor, en el reciente parche su modelo ya fue actualizado y ahora luce así:

Como es habitual en cada parche, se han corregido diversos bugs presentes en el juego, siendo el más notorio el bug de hachas infinitas de Rexxar (ver video). Los demás cambios están listados en el último changelog:

[spoiler title=”Mostrar changelog”]HEROES

  • Added Lifestealer Lifestealer!
  • AlchemistAlchemist
    • Fixed Chemical Rage not changing his base mana regeneration.
    • Fixed Goblin’s Greed working on buildings.
    • Fixed various delays on his spells.
  • AxeAxe
    • Fixed Berserker’s Call to properly force affected invisible enemies to attack.
  • BatriderBatrider
    • Fixed level 4 Sticky Napalm making turn rate faster rather than slower.
    • Badrider: (sic) Fixed Flamebreak being able to knock Roshan out of his area.
  • BeastmasterBeastmaster
    • Fixed base damage.
    • Fixed Wild Axes potentially getting stuck in the world.
  • BloodseekerBloodseeker
    • Fixed Thirst working on illusions.
    • Fixed a bug with Rupture against magic immune enemies.
    • Fixed Rupture hurting you while you are cycloned.
  • ChenChen
    • Fixed Holy Persuation allowing Wildkin’s channeled Torando to go uninterrupted.
  • Dark SeerDark Seer
    • Fixed being able to Surge magic immune allies.
  • Doom BringerDoom Bringer
    • Fixed neutral critical strike ability from affecting wards.
  • JakiroJakiro
    • Fixed Liquid Fire working with Illusions.
  • LeshracLeshrac
    • Fixed Pulse Nova not toggling off when you run out of mana
  • NecrolyteNecrolyte
    • Fixed Heartstopper Aura damaging wards.
  • PuckPuck
    • Fixed a bug with Phase Shift that could let you use it an infinite number of times.
    • Fixed endless Phase Shift during Chronosphere.
  • PudgePudge
    • Fixed Rot doing continuing to do damage after you die.
  • WarlockWarlock
    • Fixed Golem’s Immolation not doing any damage.
  • WindrunnerWindrunner
    • Fixed Powershot killing Couriers.
  • Enabled Alchemist Alchemist in Captain’s Mode.


  • Fixed Manta Style images not carrying over Chemical Rage buff.
  • Fixed Repel/Purge stopping Battery Assault.
  • Fixed Repel/Purge removing Ghost Ship allied buff.
  • Fixed Repel/Purge removing various consumable buffs.
  • Fixed invisibility state on minimap toggling off if you walked near an enemy sentry ward (or other source of true sight).
  • Fixed Ethereal Blade and Ghost Scepter not sharing cooldown.
  • Fixed teleport scroll not dispelling item ethereal buffs.
  • Fixed evasion not being disabled properly under Doom/Chronosphere.
  • Fixed minimum damage check on Mjollnir’s Static.
  • Illusions now copy the toggled state of inventory items on spawn (Armlet, Radiance, Basilius, etc.)
  • Fixed the following auras’ interactions with Siege units: Necronomicon, Assault, Mekansm, Vladmir.
  • Fixed Mekansm not healing Siege units.
  • Fixed collision size on Nether Ward being too big.
  • Fixed Roshan bashing wards.


  • Fixed the -wtf cheat command not working.
  • Fixed spawncreeps to not spawn more creeps if there are already more than 75 creeps alive on the map.
  • Hooked up item aliases in shop search! You can enter ‘bkb’ for Black King Bar, ‘gg’ for branch, and much, much more.
  • Hero Picker: Added skill icons to the hero summary page.
  • Hero Picker: Moved lore to its own tab.
  • Added hero picker to the Learn tab.
  • Fixed bug where some long tooltips were getting truncated.
  • Item tooltips in the game end screen now show the item level.
  • Spectator items panel now shows item level.
  • Player names and colors are now filled in before the player selects a hero. Previously the row would be blank until a hero was chosen.
  • Fixed crash when clicking on an empty slot in the top bar.
  • Fixed a crash when clicking in the minimap area before the map has loaded.
  • Fixed hang on exit.
  • Removed the timer between clicks to self-cast abilities and items that are able to quick-cast.
  • Adjusted default hotkeys (please note that hotkeys will be influx for a while, so you may need to rebind them from time to time).
  • Fixed default camera settings to not glide/skate.
  • Party display now shows the number of pending invites.
  • Added page showing your win and loss counts with each hero.
  • The chat channel list is now sorted.
  • Increased number of users per regional chat channel.
  • Your Friends list shows when a friend is finding a match.
  • Fixed some legacy key issues.


  • Players that have been waiting a long time get some priority when finding a match.
  • Players in the low priority pool try to match players that are closer to their actual rating.


  • Fixed Sven’s Storm Bolt coming from the wrong hand.
  • Fixed stunning knock back modifiers not having a stunned effect.
  • Fixed Windrunner not playing her Focus Fire run animation.


  • Added new client-bot-debugging command: dota_bot_dump_state. With no parameter, it will dump the general state of all bots. With a (partial) name of a hero supplied, it will dump more detailed information about the state of that specific hero’s bot.
  • Enabled a small action delay to better mimic human reaction time.
  • Bots will now save for and use Buyback.
  • Bots should no longer focus too much on wards, and will no longer try to use abilities on them.
  • Added a per-hero aggression factor, which hopefully will help keep poor Crystal Maiden alive a bit more.
  • Improved Vengeful Spirit bot’s Nether Swap usage – she should be better about swapping heroes that are getting away.
  • Fixed case where bots would use TP scrolls to port short distances when retreating.
  • Bots will no longer use a TP scroll or Travel Boots when nearby enemies have stuns available.
  • A number of bots will now harass with long-range stuns/abilities when defending a tower and waiting for allies to arrive.
  • When chasing an enemy that blinks away, bots will no longer have perfect knowledge of where they blinked.
  • Fixed case where bots were failing to path back into their fountain (specifically when trying to pull creeps into the fountain).
  • Bots will now try to kill enemy couriers.
  • Fixed bug where bots were not trying to avoid linear projectiles like Mirana’s Arrow and Pudge’s Hook.
  • Fixed case where a bot with a full inventory (and not willing to drop anything) would get deemed the best bot to pick up an item, causing no one to pick it up.
  • Bots now know if they have mini-stuns on their attacks, and are more likely to attack enemies who are channeling.
  • Bots will no longer buy dust/gem in response to an enemy having an invisibility rune.
  • Bots now take avoidance into account when destroying items the enemy team has dropped, so they should no longer dive for them.
  • Bots should now avoid standing in Sand King’s Sandstorm.
  • Earthshaker bot should be better at fissuring fleeing enemies.
  • Fixed case where a bot could get stuck trying to purchase an item at the side shop that’s also available at the secret shop.
  • Fixed bots standing in a healing aura when high health rather then retreating to retrieve their items.
  • Made carries better able to interrupt their farming to retrieve items from their stash or the secret shop.
  • Made bots better about doing Roshan if a human pings him.[/spoiler]


Personalmente me siento algo decepcionado con este último parche, todo indicaba que agregarían más de 3 héroes pero al final solo se decidieron por N’aix. Bueno, razones deben haber y espero que VALVe nos sorprenda para la semana que viene. 🙂