La actualización de ayer jueves de Dota 2 agrega 3 nuevos héroes al juego: Jakiro, Huskar y Batrider

Ya era hora que más héroes de fuego de DotA hicieran su aparición en el juego para terminar con el reinado de hielo que imponían sus contrapartes: Crystal Maiden, Lich y Ancient Apparition. Fuego contra hielo, se vienen grandes batallas en DotA 2.

Screenshots de los nuevos héroes:

Videos de los 3 héroes mostrando sus habilidades (DotaCinema)




Nueva característica: Recomendar y reportar jugadores

La actualización de ayer también incluye una nueva característica en el juego. Se ha incluido un sistema de recomendaciones que te permite recomendar a aquellos jugadores que contribuyeron en mejorar la calidad de tu partida o la hicieron más divertida, de la misma manera también puedes reportar a aquellos jugadores no deseados de mal comportamiento que estropearon la experiencia del juego en tu partida.

Habitual a todas las semanas también se corrigieron bugs, se hicieron varios cambios en los bots, entre otros cambios.

Changelog del último parche de Dota 2 (27 de octubre)

[spoiler title=”Click para mostrar changelog”]


  • Added Batrider, Huskar, and Jakiro!
  • Ancient Apparition:
    • Fixed a bug with Chilling Touch attack speed reduction display.
    • Fixed a recent bug with Ice Trail path debuff happening a little too early
  • Beastmaster:
    • Fixed Call of the Wild resummoning showing up as a deny.
  • Broodmother:
    • Fixed Poison Sting from affecting Wards.
    • Fixed the wrong web sometimes getting removed when a new one is added.
    • Fixed the Spiderlings and Spiderite passive abilities working on buildings and mechanical units.
    • Fixed Spawn Spiderlings not being a projectile.
    • Fixed Insatiable Hunger being purgable.
    • Fixed Insatiable Hunger bonus damage being considered as base damage.
  • Clockwerk:
    • Fixed Hookshot interaction with alled units and neutrals.
    • Fixed Hookshot not stunning magic immune units.
    • Fixed the Hookshot target sometimes being able to run away before he arrives.
    • Fixed cases where Hookshot would drop you to a lower level if your target was near a ledge
  • Enigma:
    • Fixed Greater Eidolon movement speed.
    • Fixed Dire Eidolon armor.
  • Faceless Void:
    • Fixed Chronosphere’s interaction with various passives
  • Juggernaut:
    • Fixed Blade Dance working on wards.
  • Kunkka:
    • Fixed Torrent slow not lasting as long as it should.
    • Fixed X Marks The Spot ignoring Linken’s Sphere
    • Fixed X Marks The Spot vision revealer not working.
    • Fixed Ghost Ship not having vision.
    • Fixed Ghost Ship’s allied buff not reducing spell damage.
  • Mirana:
    • Fixed vision around Arrow when it impacts.
  • Pudge:
    • Fixed cases where Hook would drop the pulled target to a lower level if your target was near a ledge
  • Queen of Pain:
    • Fixed bug in Shadow Strike slow falloff.
    • Fixed Scream of Pain not hitting units in fog of war
    • Fixed Shadow Strike not being castable on regular units
    • Fixed Scream of Pain not hitting invisible units.
    • Fixed Shadow Strike not allowing you to deny heroes.
  • Razor:
    • Fixed Eye of the Storm not hitting invisibile units.
  • Riki:
    • Fixed Backstab working on mechanical units.
    • Fixed Smokescreen working on Ancients.
    • Fixed the timing on Blink Strike damage.
  • Skeleton King:
    • Fixed Aegis not working on him once he levels up Reincarnation.
    • Fixed Vampiric Aura on mechanical units.
    • Fixed Vampiric Aura on denies.
  • Weaver:
    • Fixed sometimes coming out of his invisibility for Geminate Attack.


  • Fixed Heart of Tarrasque health regeneration from stacking.
  • Fixed various items and abilities not interrupting channeling when used
  • Fixed being able to revive a courier by upgrading it after it dies.
  • Fixed courier stopping in its position whenever the hero it’s delivering items to teleports.
  • Fixed bug that caused illusions generated from a disconnected player to be controllable by the enemy team
  • Fixed Siege units being considered as heroes for Bloodbath’s distance check
  • Fixed Chronosphere freezing other units you own
  • Fixed issue that caused issued commands to not be executed immediately.
  • Fixed a slight delay on many commands given to heroes.
  • Fixed Monkey King Bar from proccing on towers.
  • Fixed bloodstone charges stopping at 30.
  • Fixed Armlet active bonus continuing after dropping the item.
  • Fixed Creep Stats reseting after reaching 500.
  • Fixed gold bounty values on creeps after that lane’s barracks is down.
  • Fixed Necronomicon not killing its previous units when used again (from Refresher, Tinker’s Rearm, etc).
  • Fixed Necronomicon Mana Burn ignoring Linken’s Sphere
  • Fixed Fountain mana regeneration being too slow
  • Enabled Broodmother, Skeleton King and Queen of Pain in Captain’s Mode.
  • Fixed various stats on necronomicon units
  • Fixed Satyr Hellcallers to only consider units in its vision for deciding when to cast shockwave.
  • Fixed interaction with Roshan on Rocket Flare and Mana Void.
  • Fixed Heart, Urn of Shadows, and Dagger not being properly Disabled by Haunt.
  • Fixed a performance hitch when creating illusions.
  • Fixed towers not revearling invisible non-hero units (spiderlings, hawk, etc).
  • Wildkin Warchief’s Tornado will now follow the target enemy you right-click instead of giving an error message.
  • Fixed Kobold Taskmaster HP.
  • Fixed Centaur Outrunner Armor and Damage.
  • Fixed Attack type on Centaur Chief.
  • Fixed small wolf’s attack, armor and attack range.
  • Fixed Enraged Wildkin level and XP bounty.
  • Fixed Acquisition range on various neutrals.
  • Fixed various minor inconsistencies on unit stats.


  • Added a commendation system, which allows you to commend players who made your game a happier experience, and report anyone being hostile. You can commend or report a player by clicking their name in the main menu, in-game scoreboard or end game score screen.
  • Added shop hotkey labels for shop category buttons.
  • Clicking or control clicking a unit now selects all units of that type onscreen instead of globally.
  • Player Perspective now shows shop and shop search text.
  • Tiny’s Toss will now show an error message if he has nothing near him to toss when he reaches cast range.
  • When disarmed (Ghost Scepter, Decrepify, etc.), you can now right-click or attack-move-click on enemies to move toward them. The “Can’t Attack” error will not appear until you reach attack range of the enemy.
  • Shift-queued orders that become invalid by the time they are executed will now show an error message.
  • Added an error message for when your shift-order-queue is full.
  • Fixed a problem where certain orders could be ignored if a player tried to execute them just before they became invalid, especially with a slow connection to the server. An appropriate error message will now be displayed in these cases.
  • Fixed losing key input when you search the shop with the chat up
  • Fixed a bug where you could swap a stash item with a channeling teleport scroll and still finish the teleport.
  • Fixed not being able to see your last hit gold effect through fog of war.
  • Fixed playing gold sound and visuals for things that give zero gold bounty.
  • Fixed a control group bug when Enchantress takes one of Chen’s converted units.
  • Improved the accuracy of matchmaking parties of players. Note that this may increase party matchmaking wait time.
  • In matchmaking, servers are now selected before matches are ready.
  • Tooltip hover for hero stats and gold is more responsive.
  • HP Bars no longer lose some accuracy when the target is very low HP.
  • Fixed Necronomicon Level 2 & 3 Manaburn hotkey not working.
  • Added a new hotkey setting to select all units you own other than your hero (unbound by default).
  • Fixed the scoreboard and stats panels not updating while the game is paused.


  • Added a specific minibash effect for extremely short stuns.
  • Updated Queen of Pain’s base attack to better match her color scheme.
  • Updated shadow strike.
  • Fixed lifesteal effects not being owned by their owner which resulted in them not properly culling in fog of war.
  • Added Spell Block effect to Roshan.
  • Adjusted the tower projectile collision so that projectiles will actually reach towers before exploding.
  • Detailed outer cliffs.
  • Added falling rock lava splashes added to dire base background.
  • Added Dire side moths.


  • Frost Armor sound effect now plays when the buff is refreshed.
  • Added Broodmother’s Spiderling’s voice code.
  • Heroes can now talk while dead as long as they just want to comment on a Victory or Loss.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented heroes from commenting on a rune pickup.


  • Bots will now attack non-hero enemies.
  • Bots now want to attack couriers and Juggernaut Bot’s Healing Ward.
  • Bots are now very unlikely to break off attacking when the target is stunned or slowed.
  • Bots will now buy dust/gem when playing against Sand King.
  • Increased the bonus-to-attack when a human pings a target.
  • Increased the impact of human pings for lane defends and pushes.
  • Fixed issue where tower pings from Dire players weren’t working.
  • Pinging enemy heroes will also increase the desire for a Team Roam.
  • Tightened up the precision of pinging – bots should no longer think you’re asking for a lane push when you ping on an enemy that’s near a tower.
  • Bots now know to move to healing auras if they need some healing and aren’t desperately retreating. Currently works with Juggernaut’s Healing Ward and Witch Doctor’s Restoration Aura.
  • Bots will now prioiritize interrupting units that are channeling.
  • Fixed a number of cases where bots were getting stuck trying to use an item on an invalid (magic immune, invulnerable, etc) target.
  • Improved bot target-selection logic for Eul’s Scepter.
  • Improved bot Diffusal Blade usage – it will no longer cast it on retreating targets that have an incoming stun.
  • Improved Orchid usage – bots will now use it to break channels.
  • Improved Urn usage – bots will no longer worry about using it on allies that are being hit by creeps.
  • Bots now take damage on their own Barracks and Ancient much more seriously.
  • Bots are now better about defending the proper lane when in-base.
  • Bots should tunnelvision less on tower pushes when enemy heroes are nearby.
  • Slightly increased bot desire to attack the enemy Ancient.
  • Bots will no longer do Roshan when any lane needs to be defended.
  • Bots now announce when they’re leaving Roshan.
  • Human players now need to be a bit further into a lane to claim it for laning purposes at the beginning of a game.
  • Bots should spam chat less about roaming and returning.
  • Bots should be much less likely to go for runes if a human with a bottle is on their team.
  • Fixed Tiny’s build so he will use his final grow.
  • Fixed bug that was causing bots to be too timid late-game if they happened to be in a lane.
  • Decreased lane push desire when there are enemy heroes nearby.
  • Fixed a bug where bots didn’t think they could purchase their next item if it would require selling an item.
  • Bots should be significiantly more likely to spot farming targets and roam to gank as a team.
  • Reduced spamminess of bot chat when pushing a lane.
  • Reduced bot willingness to tank a tower.
  • Slightly reduced the desire to push a tower when their potential co-pushers aren’t nearby.
  • Fixed bots repurchasing a courier when their flying courier uses shield.
  • Bots should be better about picking stuff up from base late-game when they don’t have any more pressing desires.
  • Added Team Roam chat announcements.
  • Bots will no longer defer all runes to humans with bottles when all the human heroes are dead.
  • Increased attack desire when a number of nearby allies are attacking, which makes bots more decisive in teamfights.[/spoiler]

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